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Summertime Sadness?

2014-06-29 11:00:46 by MysterMan948

More like Summertime HAPPINESS! Yeah, life's great guys... Also I'm tired of having this song played in every radio station all the time even it's not that new anymore. (2 years I think)


2013-05-04 11:38:55 by MysterMan948

Yeah i'm doing fine, just uploaded new art, i mean, not art, just something bad i made in like 1 hour, whatever you better go check it now


2012-09-16 13:02:53 by MysterMan948

but i can still play games, though

I've made another art based on League of Legends champion, if you liked it please favourite me, i will made more arts like this because i need to practice
okay so, i finished the backrounds of a building, or at least i think so, maybe i will update it later, cause some of them could be drawn better
anyway, here's the link

just have a look at it, and if you like it you can use it aswell


okay so....

2012-08-31 02:59:18 by MysterMan948

you guys know i haven't been animating for long time, and that won't change even now... just off to play games and shit on NG... I've had noticed this follow link here, and i will spam it on few sites... thats all, now as i said i'm off to play games, bye
test shotgun

It's up

2012-08-12 16:47:33 by MysterMan948

Yep... this is v1.1 of it, so i'll be updating it with new backrounds, or editing already existing ones, but i just wanted to give you a preview of what i do when im bored.
EDIT : well v1.3 contains some new backrounds which are drawed with additional shading and some backrounds are remade
haven't uploaded 1.2, because it wasn't update at all

It's up

The copy and paste story - original by thebots55

2012-08-06 04:58:39 by MysterMan948

So i write a new post about Djjaner fake accounts CrazyDamage,Swenator and Eletraktor.Everyone know the true but Djjaner denied true.Gigmastr too make new Account Gujit and The Spawn make clockmaniac.So whats next ? Djjaner is GB or Krink or Dimb ?.I dont know but i know Djjaners friend make too fake accounts Like a Dj Goldwing make Lubos Bouda and Lubos Bouda is Friend of Ellvis and Ellvis is friend of Djjaner.These guys is tottaly fucked up.

written by thebots55 and copied cuz i want more people to see this
i want to know what you think about this situation and discuss

EDIT : check out my new art ! probably my best one yet

Boring times...

2012-08-04 02:43:47 by MysterMan948

just want to make that goddamn collab and run as hell outta here

information post

2012-07-26 13:38:33 by MysterMan948

okay so this is about animations.... i suck at it, so when i finish that fucking collab i.... quit... collab is the only reason why im still here because many other animators are leaving soon and i dont know what should i do here, im fucking lazy to make solo project, so only waiting till i release this and then... bye ? also i have changed both my user pics... check them if you want


2012-07-22 16:31:47 by MysterMan948

And nothing m0ar.

EDIT : ok heres another one



2012-07-21 13:33:34 by MysterMan948

As i see, people think that my backrounds are good, so ill make more of them ! And this time, you can use them...
yeah i know no big news but it was time for new post i think...
when i finish first of these ill post a screen... for now theres nothing more... im lazy shit you know and im not that good in animating as in other things so... better dont say anything now

EDIT : okay so heres preview of what i have done in like... 30 minutes... ill probably draw more modifications to it but the... "beta" version of this backround looks like :